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Sql Order By Not Working Correctly


if it's varchar or something related the the ordering is correct, try changing the type to numeric. Viescas and Michael J. Attempting to use it that way is an unsupported, undocumented trick and may work only intermittently. I want it a little bit back towards where it was. weblink

Tough call. from (select ... As far as I know (entirely possible I'm wrong), my options are views or user-defined functions that return tables. It sounds like it is varchar, which is not correct for dates.Tara KizerMicrosoft MVP for Windows Server System - SQL Serverhttp://weblogs.sqlteam.com/tarad/Subscribe to my blog cplusplus Aged Yak Warrior 567 Posts Posted-08/18/2010:

Order By Date Not Working Sql

Then, select from the view and specify the ORDER BY. -- Tom ---------------------------------------------------- Thomas A. select * from vwRouteReference order by .... Some people have found that "always" does not include SQL 2005.

The only time when ordering works is when data is returned to the client because in that case the query result is exposed as a cursor for row-bound operations at the Then it falls on it face when people depend on it. Logically it shouldn't matter, but at least in MySQL, the query plan can suffer if you add more columns to the GROUP BY list, whereas I assume the overhead of calculating Order By Date Sql This can mean some WITH CHECK OPTION clauses and INSTEAD OF triggers. 2) When the same query is used by multiple users at the same time.

Views can encapsulate query logic - yes, but you then end up (usually) nesting views and its then a real bitch to do any performance tuning/optimisation; i've had this problem a Order By Not Working Mysql Ummm, sort of. It defines the meaning of each datra element (see ISO-11179) .. Moreau, BSc, PhD, MCSE, MCDBA SQL Server MVP Columnist, SQL Server Professional Toronto, ON Canada www.pinpub.com "Beowulf" wrote in message news:[email protected]

do you do selects against views buried in your code? Order By Sql Thanks a lot. For example, a question such as "What are the categories of classes we currently offer?" can be restated as "List the categories of classes we offer and show them in alphabetical What specifically did Hillary Clinton say or do, to seem untrustworthy to Americans?

Order By Not Working Mysql

How do I sort a list with positives coming before negatives with values sorted respectively? Read More Here Again, we'll demonstrate this solution on the supplier table, defined as: create table supplier ( supplier_id varchar2(10) not null, supplier_name varchar2(60) ); Remember that our goal is to sort the supplier_id Order By Date Not Working Sql Submit your e-mail address below. Order By Desc Not Working I'm using the same formula for stakes over and over - is this a problem?

With it, the flagship database takes a big step toward ... have a peek at these guys Yes but in that case it would make no sense to use an "ordered" view even if such a thing were possible. But I want to sort it numerically without changing the datatype from varchar2 to numeric. This is convenient in OLTP situations when it's better to display slightly stale data than to deal with lock contention on MVs. Order By Not Working Angular

The previous example brings an interesting question to mind: Is any importance placed on the sequence of the columns in the ORDER BY clause? Not the answer you're looking for? Does someone have an idea why the sorting is not working correctly for this particular view? check over here This guide offers a ...

Similar topics Control names too long for "Tab Order" window Why is there not a View---->Tab Order when working with Web Forms? OTOH, if you take the EXACT same code, stuff it into a stored procedure, it is guaranteed to work. It is a stored pre-compiled select statement that allows you to view table data the way you want.


To get an ordering, you have to have a cursor. Username: Password: Save Password Forgot your Password? Wait a minute. I'm using Access, looking at data via linked tables with views as their sources.

Maybe there are still valid strings in other partitions of data. And it always has been that way since 1986. that is before you killed off all your patients. << Not fun. this content About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Advertisers Business Partners Media Kit Corporate Site Contributors Reprints Archive Site Map Answers E-Products Events Features Guides Opinions Photo Stories Quizzes Tips Tutorials Videos All

Maybe you didn't read my reply too well. Feb 7 '06 #40 P: n/a Doug >I have a sarcastic sense of wit that has no relgious taboos, but you are close to the line. And yes, it is a problem. That is why often it is better to create a summary table for easy querying, instead of running an aggregate query every time such information is required."?

A table in and of itself does not have an order. Does someone have an idea why the sorting is not working correctly for this particular view? Sadly, I have to develop this application in the real world, where sometimes I have to put up with less than ideal code created by someone else. Check your database software's documentation, and perhaps consult your database administrator to determine the default collating sequence for your database.

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