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Search For Files Windows 7 Not Working


I'm not sure if this would help anyone...I was almost ready to drop kick Windows 7. Now, in my indexing options, "My Documents" is selected. This is wrong! When you navigate to the Indexing Options and when you klick on "Advanced" and after that "File Types" Tab, you have to select "Inex Properties and File Contents", BUT for every check over here

Absent more serious issues like hardware failure or viruses, your files, folders, and data should all now appear in your Windows search queries. Tech Trix15 months ago Author Thanks, Steve Johan14 months ago Exactly what i needed!My search is working properly now. It happens. My "My Documents" folder is redirected to another folder, C:\USERDATA. http://superuser.com/questions/558175/windows-7-file-explorer-search-not-working

Windows 7 Explorer Search Not Working

However, even when running the wizard from an administrative account, it ends up with status "Not fixed" and seems unwilling to do so. Windows will warn you, just as we did above, that the index rebuilding process may take a long time, and that you may not have full search functionality until it's complete. Rebuild it from zero. Sheesh!

Once indexing is complete, close the window, hit the Start menu, and enter some keywords. Then click on “Change how Windows Searches”. 5. It reminded me how much I missed the nice, familiar, user friendly explorer, with it's customizable toolbars, etc. Windows Search Service Not Running Windows 7 If I enter a search string, for instance car in the search box, I just get No files found, despite obviously having several files that match the string (blue_cars.jpg, carrot.gif) in

This time, it's not finding things on the Start Menu when I type in "Search programs and files" that blantantly are on the Start Menu. Windows 7 Start Menu Search Not Working AsI have mentioned many times before, file content searches in text files (regardless of file extension) always worked way backwith Windows 2000 and probably NT 4.0. In that folder is a file called icecast.xml. directory Cheers, Eric Wednesday, April 21, 2010 8:02 PM 2 Sign in to vote Here is an example of one failure on a fresh Windows 7 PC with default search and indexing

I'm not going to install a 3rd party program to do a basic file search. Windows 10 Explorer Search Not Working But when you inevitably do make one you can't simply tell the customer 'deal with it'. I was talking to a friend who just unboxed a new Dell 780 with Win7 64 on it. Then click “Search and Indexing” 4.

Windows 7 Start Menu Search Not Working

Notepad still allows for viewing an entire data string.Any help would be welcomed here. I was taking the p155 in case you didn't notice. Windows 7 Explorer Search Not Working Loading... Windows 7 Search Not Finding Files It takesdisabling the indexing service.However I have found (as illustrated just a few posts above) that Windows Search 4 (i.e., the search in Windows 7) still does not (and cannot)find some

Now i always use findstr in the command line if i want to find something inside files with plain text. http://philgiebler.com/windows-7/ssh-not-working-windows-7.html Just make a new account on your computer and it will work… then curse Microsoft for not providing a proper fix for it. same problem here. If it doesn't work it is practically useless and a major source of irritation and frustration.All we want is a search that works without resorting to indexing options, file types, locations, Windows 7 No Items Match Your Search

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 12:40 PM 1 Sign in to vote Not only that, after flicking you the generic links, they no longer even pretend to be interested in resolving you Wednesday, February 03, 2010 6:26 PM 2 Sign in to vote On what grounds can they go around deleting threads? This way doesn't delete desktop apps. http://philgiebler.com/windows-7/search-option-in-windows-7-not-working-properly.html You have to man up and fix it.

Litterally about 3 minutes into it I reach over to my old laptop with XP on it and type in *.doc . File Explorer Search Not Working Windows 10 It certainly indexed more files than before, but my search still does not return all files for which I know the string is in. On slower systems, the rebuilding process may decrease system performance while it runs (you can see how much of an impact the process has on your PC by finding the Microsoft Windows Search Indexer

The remarkable thing about Everything is it does realtime updates to its filename index so it is always up to date, uses minimal resources even if running in the background, and

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 8:04 AM 2 Sign in to vote It's a nice idea, George, but unfortunately not right. Nice really nice , it worked almost instantly. I certainly agree with you that the user interface is about as handy as broccoli on the moon.What I meant by "specifyinga search" was that there is no way to provide Folder Search Not Working Windows 10 We have conflicting settings and the net result is searching does not work at all.

I get it. None of the above documentation (which happens to be way more complicated than it needs to be) addresses this simple problem. I work in a law firm. have a peek at these guys Contradiction between Analytic and Numerical Integration Do I need an Indie Studio Name?

In my situation, our company constantly creates extensions which windows would not see until 1 of the files are added to file type. I don't want to worry about stuff like "Is my index up to date..."grrrrrOff togive Locate32 a try. Click “Try troubleshooting as an administrator”. And for me personally I don't need to search my documents folder for a document...

If someone can't type into a search box a file name they want to find and have the computer present them with that file the design is a failure. Heck, we tech-savvy guys can barely figure out the interface. Thanks. That is an interesting question.

Click Next and then check the box that says “Files Don’t Appear in Search Results” once the troubleshooter has finished detecting problems. Click on the Start menu, go to Control Panel. The wizard may require administrator permissions before looking for problems. TwinBytes Inc 28,027 views 3:19 Search and find a file or folder in Windows 7.avi - Duration: 5:59.

I say finish looking because it still didn't find the file. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the usage of cookies.

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